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Sharing my nutrition journey

Fresh out from University of Malaya in 1972, I started my career as a nutritionist in the Nutrition Division of the Institute for Medical Research. For almost 30 years, I participated in various nutrition research activities, especially community nutrition and nutritional value of foods. After my retirement from the IMR, I had started a consultancy service, intending to share my experience and expertise in food and nutrition with organizations in the public or private sector.

My involvement with public health nutrition has mainly been with Nutrition Society of Malaysia, since its initiation in 1983 till the present time, serving as President of NSM.  I have led the NSM in a number of community nutrition promotion activities, as well as contributions towards promoting nutrition science in the country. I represent the NSM in a number of activities in relation to food and nutrition policies and programmes of MOH.

I have been involved with food regulatory affairs from mid-1980s. Serving as nutrition adviser for the Food Safety and Quality Division of Ministry of Health Malaysia since 2002, I have been involved with various aspects of the Malaysian Food Regulations as well as with various activities of the Codex Alimentarius.

My involvement with regional and international nutrition activities include those with the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), both the Southeast Asia regional office as well as ILSI global in Washington.  

The above paragraphs are, in a nutshell, my nutrition journey over the years, spreading over almost 4 decades. The NutriScene website is my way of sharing my work, my experiences, my thoughts over the years. It also highlights current nutrition activities and events in the country.

NutriScene describes many aspects of the nutrition scene in Malaysia.